Thursday, July 7, 2011

Micheal Castaldo illuminates the One Voice From Africa studio

The good fortune of being in media is receiving material ahead of time. Today was a day of GREAT FORTUNE – I received a high-def recording of PRAY’R performed by tenor Micheal Castaldo.

PRAY’R is exactly that – a delicate, incredible prayer; add the majesty of Micheal’s voice, a powerful orchestral arrangement, and mighty choral strength, and once again, Castaldo does it – a masterpiece!

This multi-lingual performance [Italian/English] touches the soul of the listener.

PRAY’R starts very gently and with ease. There is much beauty in the first notes and the introduction, very gentle indeed – it is as if you can imagine one preparing to pray. As Micheal starts singing in Italian, there is no need to listen very closely to know that this piece is coming from the heart – it is very evident from the very first note.

As the piece builds, Castaldo introduces English lyrics and then suddenly, with full choral presence,PRAY’R explodes with enormous presence. This composition encapsulates its listeners every sense. Immediately you feel compelled to press 'repeat' and listen to PRAY’R repeatedly which is precisely what I am doing as I write!

When you hear PRAY’R, you will experience the emotions of love, kindness, and wonder!

Written and produced by Micheal Castaldo and Stein B. SvendsenPRAY’R will be released shortly and it is my guess that this composition will become an international 'anthem' from which we all will draw enormous inspiration. Keep in touch to learn more about my full feature conversation with Micheal on One Voice From Africa. If PRAY’R is a sampling of what is to come on the rest of the album, I’d have to add that we’re in for an incredible, chilling experience that will not just reach out but touch the very core of our souls!

BRAVO Micheal – you most certainly have created a masterpiece of music that everyone will want to own and listen to for many years to come! And now, I hit repeat yet again, and end my note with warmth and wish you continued success – Ken

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