Monday, February 28, 2011

OPERATION SAFARI - Unforgettable African Wildlife Trips


Tanzania and Kenya

One of the few affordable, soup-to-nuts safaris, the 12-night Grand Combo: Kenya and Tanzania tour from 2Afrika includes 17 game drives within the Ngorongoro Crater and in Serengeti and Maasai Mara national parks, overnights at upscale lodges, plus airfare from New York, Boston, or Washington, D.C.—all for a very attractive price., from $4,669 per person.

As featured in Budget Travel on February 28, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Camp Savuti - Botswana

Camp Savuti - Botswana

Camp Savuti - Botswana

Camp Savuti - Botswana

Camp Savuti - Botswana

ABC's 'The Bachelor' in South Africa

National Geographic Entertainment - "The Last Lions" - in theaters NOW!

Tonight on ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA, at the top of the hour, "Have You Heard" introduced a soon to be opened Botswana Safari Camp – Camp Savuti – and you can be sure that it will feature prominently on the 2AFRIKA website the moment we have all the details!

Over the years, the Savuti developed a reputation as being a prime place to view predators and in particular, lion and spotted hyena, The Savuti lies within the Chobe National Park and boasts one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. The Savuti Channel was a river, which abruptly stopped flowing in 1982.

In 2010, it started flowing again – nature at ‘it’s best’!

Great specials coming your way on 2AFRIKA as well as the 2AFRIKA BLOG, the ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA BLOG and of course right here on Blogtalkradio.

The New York Times Travel Show opens at the Jacob Javits Convention Center here in New York City tomorrow and the 2AFRIKA team will work alongside South African Tourism at their booth. I will be presenting South African Food & Wine – to say I present is not all together appropriate – I tell 'stories' and I hope that you will pop buy and listen.

The New York Times Travel Show is presented by American Express and I encourage you to visit! The Frommer’s, Arthur and Pauline will be presenting on Saturday and you’ll not want to miss them.

'The Bachelor' – South Africa is hosting 'The Bachelor' on February 28th and the finale on March 14th. Tune in on ABC to get a glimpse of our beautiful country.

Also, I will be on Ed Salvato’s Panel for LGBT Tourism to Africa – do pop by and listen – you’ll be glad you did.

This evenings episode of  ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA was brought to you by Botswana Tourism and National Geographic Entertainment – what could be better? With the launch in theaters of "The Last Lions" filmed by Dereck and Beverly Joubert and told by Jeremy Irons, my co-presenter Michael Gonzalez-Wallace of SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN acclaim opened last night’s 'Fit To Travel' segment at the top of the second hour . . . he told me that "The Last Lions" made it onto his list of Top 5 films that he has seen.

"Dreams cannot be tamed. Dreamers cannot be ruled," Paulo Coelho, wrote which lead right into "Follow your heart" by Mario Frangoulis who will soon be my special guest on ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA.

"Daring and inspiring" is how Billboard Magazine described Mario Frangoulis who performs with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra on March 9. SEE HIM! It will be life altering!

I came across an article on Mario Frangoulis that I would like to share with you.

"Greek tenor Mario Frangoulis paid a lightning visit to South Africa last month, performing at the Sun City Super bowl on Saturday 9 April, 2005. His South African fans were treated to the young tenor’s sensational voice and soulful style.

We caught up with Mario in Johannesburg, and in spite of having stepped off the plane the same morning he was extremely friendly and more than willing to chat. He was born in Rhodesia in 1967, but returned to Greece at the age of four. He still has memories of his African childhood—"I remember big parks, and climbing lots of trees!" He grew up in Athens.

Laurika Rauch
 and Natalie Gamsu performed this evening and Mario Frangoulis will soon be my 'special guest' on ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA. The episode will be announced on our several BLOG spots – so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, visit Mario Frangoulis online and in the Apple iTunes Store as well as Purchase his work – you’ll be glad you did.

That concludes this week’s episodes of ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA . Thank you for listening.

Next week, after the New York Times Travel Show, we’ll be talking 'all things South African' brought to you by South African Tourism and South African Airways.

Great surprises are in store – so stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mario Frangoulis

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

"The Last Lions" - Beverly and Dereck Joubert

A terrific show again this evening brought to you by Botswana Tourism and National Geographic Entertainment! Thank you for listening.

"Have You Heard" flew in with great specials in Cape Town and the surrounding areas that you simply cannot afford to miss. Prices like this have not been seen in a very long time – so take advantage whilst you can for space is limited.

As promised, Botswana was the topic of conversation again this evening. Botswana is becoming increasingly popular with travelers and with prices being the way they are at the moment, there is no finer time than now to include Cape Town and Botswana in one journey to Africa. Of course, the amazing added exposure with the recently released film "The Last Lions" by Dereck and Beverly Joubert, as told by Jeremy Irons simply validates that Botswana needs to be shifted to the top of every travelers 'must-see' list! "The Last Lions" is in theaters now and is a collaborative work between the Joubert’s and National Geographic Entertainment.

Please join in and help Cause An Uproar by viewing the trailer on You Tube – we have hit the 145 thousand view mark which is incredible . . . but please keep going! We need your help.

This evening the multi-talented South African performer  Laurika Rauchgraced us with 'Hot Gates' one of my all time favorite pieces of music. Visit her online and listen to her incredible range. Baie dankie Laurika – ek waardeer die geleentheid om u musiek te kon gebruik op One Voice From Africa!

We launched a brilliant tour to South Africa for the African Art Museum of Maryland on the air this evening. They’re a group traveling to South Africa in January 2012 – keep in touch with our BLOG spot for more details on their visit to Cape Town and Johannesburg . . .you may want to join. Please remember the 'Claude Ligon 2011 House of Jazz' on Saturday April 09th, 2011 – it’s a great event!

SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN author Michael Gonzalez-Wallace and I talked on 'Fit To Travel' which will soon be a feature on Michaels website. Follow long – get fit – and travel.

Remember the New York Times Travel Show coming up at the Jacob Javits Center this weekend, come along, and visit – it would be great to meet you. The Frommer’s will be there and you really should meet them. Arthur and Pauline are wonderful people and so very knowledgeable that it is worth your time to stop by and listen to them. 2AFRIKA, INC. will be featured on Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine (March issue) and extends its gratitude.

And remember my exclusive upcoming interview with Mario Frangoulis coming up in March. Mario has recently released his 'personal favorites' in an immaculate collection and will performing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra on March 9th – don’t miss the performance! It will be life altering.

You’ll find One Voice From Africa online and in the Apple iTunes store. And whilst you are there, search Mario Frangoulis and buy his music. It may well turn out to  be the very best investment that you make. 

Affordable Kenya Safari

One Voice From Africa – thrilled to welcome Mario Frangoulis to the show

Great show this evening on One Voice From Africa – thank you all for listening in! "Have You Heard" featured new and enticing trips to Cape Townand the Western Cape which you cannot afford to miss.

Botswana was the topic of conversation this evening brought to you by Botswana Tourism and National Geographic Entertainment. Botswana of course the location for the just-released "The Last Lions" by filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert and told by Jeremy IronsCause An Uproarand help prevent these magnificent creatures from extinction.

Ed Ewert popped in for "Behind The Lens" this evening and he shared some really valuable information with our listeners. Great tips, great presenter, great friend, Ed will leave to Zimbabwe in May with a group of photographers and we’ll be bringing you live coverage of his trip.

Zimbabwe of course formerly known as Rhodesia and the birthplace of an 'incredible' voice from Africa, Mario Frangoulis who is set to perform with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in Dallas this March 9th. Mario is going to talk with us on One Voice From Africa in March so be sure to tune in to that episode – and look for his music wherever you are! You can find him in the Apple iTunes store, and many other outlets. Visit Mario’swebsite to learn more.

Ard Matthews and the guys from Just Jinjir performed 'What He Means' and 'Sugarman' and the beautiful and very talented Natalie Gamsu performed 'The Click Song'. Natalie has just released her second album MISFIT – you can order your copy by clicking here.

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace joins us tomorrow with his segment 'Fit To Travel' and invites listeners to call in and ask him questions. He will give his first caller an autographed copy of Super Body Super Brain and 2 DVD’s.

Remember the New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob Javits Center this coming weekend. South African Tourism will be there and I will be joining them and delivering a talk on 'food and wine' – whatever you do, do not miss the Frommer’s – Arthur and his daughter Pauline are presenters on Saturday. Talking of the Frommer’s, 2AFRIKA is pleased to be featured in Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine (March issue) out in bookstores and newsstands shortly.

That wraps up this evenings episode of One Voice From Africa – follow along on Twitter and become friends on Face Book of either One Voice From Africa OR 2AFRIKA.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Safaris in Botswana on One Voice From Africa

“Have You Heard?” starts at the top of the first hour. This week, we’re focusing on safaris in Botswana. Learn how you can enjoy a safari in the country where “The Last Lions” was filmed. Ed Ewert presents “Behind The Lens” and teaches you how to take great photographs on safari in Africa. This episode of One Voice From Africa is brought to you by Botswana Tourism and National Geographic Entertainment.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love People with HIV - how we can all help - coming up soon on ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA

I bought this beautiful artwork at a flea market in Hout Bay on the western seaboard of the Cape Peninsula from the artist herself who explained 'why' she was creating these little masterpieces. A truly touching story - an amazing cause - I will soon 'tell the story' on the air on ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA - and also explain how together as a worldwide community, we can all 'help'!

Another great place to stay in South Africa as recommended by Kenneth Hieber of 2AFRIKA

Harbour View is poised high on the mountain slopes of Hottentots Holland and Steenbras mountain range, overlooking the magnificent False Bay from Simon's Town, Table Mountain to beyond the harbor at Gordon's Bay.

The lodge offers five luxury en-suite bedrooms and the most comfortable accommodation with breathtaking views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from Cape of Good Hope, across to Table Mountain around to beyond the harbor in Gordon's Bay.

Gordon's Bay is nestled in the unique hamlet of False Bay which is the largest bay in Africa.

Kenneth Hieber, presenter of ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA and founder & president of 2AFRIKA highly recommends this fine property.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Voice From Africa - interviews Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

"The Last Lions" in theaters on February 18th, 2011

Each time you view the trailer on You Tube - you help! Click and watch!

"The Last Lions" in theaters on February 18th, 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the Emmy Award winning filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert on One Voice From Africa.

Their passion for their work is astonishing and you can 'hear' the emotion in their voices – do give it a listen and check your local listings for show times – "The Last Lions" presented by National Geographic Entertainment.

2AFRIKA launches Affordable Kenya Safari

Keeping Africa Affordable, 2AFRIKA, now in its 16th year reintroduces a favorite safari in collaboration with Sarova Hotels, one of the largest chains of hotels and lodges in Kenya and East Africa

2AFRIKA’s 7-day Affordable Kenya Safari launched on the company’s website today with prices starting from only $1,699 per person. Well known for promoting budget travel to Africa, 2AFRIKA has collaborated with Sarova Hotels and created a well structured safari which visits the Mt. Kenya Forest, Shaba National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park and the world famous Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The Affordable Kenya Safari includes 6 nights’ accommodation at Sarova properties, 18 meals, and 8 safari game viewing drives, and operates every Friday from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

2AFRIKA, in conjunction with Virgin Atlantic Airways and Kenya Airways offers excellent airfares to the destination from several US gateway cities and during certain seasons, common-rates the fare from the east and the west coast of the United States making it more affordable than ever before for travelers in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

2AFRIKA encourages its passengers to review the April through June departures, which are available from only $1,699 per person. No single supplement applies during that period making the Affordable Kenya Safari a very attractive option for single travelers who wish to enjoy the privacy of their own accommodation without paying any additional fees.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

On Safari in Botswana and Tanzania

This week on ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA, (Feb 08, 09, 10) we'll be discussing Safaris to Botswana and Tanzania. With a great lineup of guests, this is the one week you'll not want to miss!

Listen in real-time when we're on the air by clicking the link ( or you can listen to our 'On Demand' episodes either on Blog Talk Radio or by going to the Apple iTunes Store and searching 'One Voice From Africa' or 'Kenneth Hieber'.

Call in during show time with your questions on 1-619-639-4749 or email us at ahead of time and we’ll do our best to answer as many of your questions during the show.

This week, we’re broadcasting with Botswana Tourism! If you’ve an interest in taking a tour or safari to Botswana, this is the one week you’ll not want to miss!